About Vance Shepherd:  I am often asked, “How do you work with that crazy guy every morning?” Well, look at him. Not a bad way to start every work day. Plus, he’s got the greatest personality and a laugh that infects everyone who hears it. I can’t stay mad at him. Anyway, he’s looking for a little side work. If you need a model for a magazine spread, TV ad, whatever…he can be had. I still need him to come to the radio station every day so…don’t offer him too much money or a career in New York. (Unless there’s enough money for both of us!) Hate it he can't sing. He just looks like a star.

About Jimmy Carter:  He’s famous for talking to and about country music stars and movie stars.  He likes celebrity gossip and is scared of wooly boogers.  He and Vance call themselves the “superbrains” and they drive me crazy!  Catch Jimmy Carter’s live Nashville report each Monday-Friday morning at 8:20am on WDEN, sponsored by Jeff Smith Chevrolet in Byron.  E-mail Jimmy at askjimmycarter@aol.com or visit his website askjimmycarter.com.

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